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Roman vs. Hims vs. MediSuite: Which Is the Best for ED Medication?

Feb 16, 2022

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is defined as “the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.” According to the Mayo Clinic, ED affects over 50% of all men over 40, making this condition quite common.

Fortunately, this common condition comes with a common solution. Prescription medication, like well-known brands Viagra and Cialis, are effective for treating ED. So much so that millions of Americans are prescribed these treatment options every year.

There’s just one problem with these ED medications:

One pill of 50mg or 100mg Viagra could easily top $64 or more — and that doesn’t cover the cost of the doctor’s appointment or other related healthcare expenses. The fact that insurance doesn’t always cover the cost of these prescriptions means that men (that means you!) are footing the bill for a medication that they want or need.

There has to be an easier and more affordable way of getting these prescriptions, right? There is!

Enter: Mail-Order Pharmacies

A mail-order pharmacy is similar to a “regular pharmacy.” However, instead of going to the pharmacy in-person, the licensed mail-order pharmacy sends patients their medications directly to their homes!

Mail-order pharmacies, such as MediSuite, Roman, and Hims, all provide generic men’s health drugs (such as generic Viagra and generic Cialis) at a fraction of the cost of name-brand pills. All three have emerged as leaders in affordability and convenience when compared to traditional pharmacies.

But is there a significant difference between the three? Are there similarities?

What’s Different and the Same About Roman, Hims, and MediSuite?

Most mail-order pharmacies have several things in common. Roman, Hims, and MediSuite are no different. They all:

  • Provide Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis)
  • Deliver medication to patients’ homes in discreet packaging
  • Offer online health consultations or telemedicine
  • Get patients their prescriptions fast – saving time and money

Now, it must sound like you could go to any of these providers and get the medicine you need. This is true, but as suggested, there is a major difference between choosing Roman or Hims over MediSuite.

What is It? Well, It Comes Back to Cost.

This is arguably the most crucial factor when deciding between generic medications such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets. The contents of the medicine are the same, no matter the pharmacy you get them from, and generic and name-brand medications will provide the exact same results.

So, how do you begin to understand the cost-saving factors of name-brand vs. generic, and how does this all relate to comparing Roman, Hims, and MediSuite? We’ll explain.

The dosage on a Viagra bottle correlates to the amount of Sildenafil in each pill. Similarly, the dosage on a Cialis bottle shows how much Tadalafil is in each pill. It’s crucial to look at the different amounts in each tablet to make an informed decision about Roman, Hims, or MediSuite.

Luckily, we’ve made some handy charts showing the price for the most common doses of generic Viagra and generic Cialis for all three mail-order pharmacies.

A table comparing prices of Sildenafil
A table comparing prices of Sildenafil
A table comparing prices of Sildenafil
A table comparing prices of Tadalafil

What Else Do You Need to Know?

When purchasing generic Viagra or Cialis, most men are likely paying out of pocket. A 20mg Sildenafil dose from MediSuite is half the cost of Hims or Roman – with the savings on 5mg and 20mg Tadalafil being even greater!

When you consider a month’s supply, the savings with MediSuite add up even more. For example, a month’s supply of Tadalafil 5mg at Hims is roughly $240 per month, depending on the frequency of use. MediSuite can offer a similar amount ranging from $30-50 per month.

It’s important to note another major difference between Hims, Roman, and MediSuite — and that’s the services and medications the three offer.

At MediSuite, we focus exclusively on providing generic ED, urology, and prostate medications. Our MediSuite pharmacists specialize specifically in these men’s health issues, making us a more knowledgeable and educated pharmacy who can not only save you money but speak to your issues!

If you need generic Viagra or generic Cialis, then it’s clear MediSuite is the best choice.

How the MediSuite Process Works

Now that it’s clear patients save more money with MediSuite over Roman or Hims, you may want to know how our process works. Take a look:
  1. Have a doctor submit a prescription to MediSuite (and no, it doesn’t have to be mailed!) Doctors can use eScript, fax prescriptions to 919-200-6951, or call it in at 919-200-6952. Don’t have time to go to the doctor in-person? Try an online appointment with a doctor here.
  2. We will call you once we receive your prescription. Confirm the order and payment by speaking to a MediSuite pharmacist. You’ll also go over any questions in this step.
  3. Enjoy home delivery! MediSuite will ship your medication directly to your preferred address within 2-4 business days.

Why Use MediSuite?

Saving money is just one of the advantages of choosing MediSuite over Hims, Roman, or even a pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS. Other advantages of going with MediSuite include:
  1. Convenience. Driving to the pharmacy takes time out of your day, no matter where you live. Using MediSuite allows you to skip the trip entirely! Plus, your shipment comes in discreet packaging for your privacy.
  2. Flexibility. With MediSuite, get a prescription online without ever leaving your home. Or you can have your regular doctor send your prescription to MediSuite. It’s up to you!
  3. Easy refills. Need a refill? MediSuite makes it very simple. You can choose to call, email, online chat, or text; whichever way is fine to contact us to request your refill. We’ll just need your name and prescription number. You can also create an account with us and simply hit “fill prescription”.
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