Additional Help from MediSuite

We have created the following resource as a help center for patients and physicians as they have questions or concerns throughout their engagement with MediSuite.


  • Do I have to register to refill my prescriptions? Registration is not required. You can use the Quick Refill feature in the menu at the top of the page to request refills.
  • Why should I register? By registering, you are able to view your full prescription list, drug uses, side effects, precautions as well as print or email your list.
  • Does my prescription need to be refillable in order to register? No, however, the prescription does need to be active (not expired).

Your Account

  • What happens if I forget my username/password? Refer to the “Forgot username/password” feature located on the login page. Your username or password reset link will be sent to the email address on file.
  • What if I cannot remember my username or email on file? Please contact us to assist.
  • What happens if I have been locked out of my account? For added security measures, after 5 failed login attempts your account is locked for 30 minutes. We recommend that you use the forgot password/username feature before you reach the 5 failed attempts. If your account is locked, the password reset link will not work.

General Questions

  • Do I need to register to use the Quick Refill feature? Registration is not required. The Quick Refill feature is a quick way to refill your prescriptions.
  • Why do you need my date of birth to use the Quick Refill? To verify the request being submitted is a person and not a robot.
  • Where can I locate your Privacy Policy? Our Privacy Policy is located at the bottom of our website.

To contact us regarding a question or concern not listed above, call us at (919) 200-6952 or toll free at 1(800) 601-0691. You can also complete a brief contact form to get in touch with us today.