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Learn About ED

Erectile dysfunction affects roughly 50% of men over 50. Learn how it’s caused and how to treat it.

The Pharmacy with Affordable Generic Viagra® and Cialis®


MediSuite is a national mail-order pharmacy that helps men achieve the results they want, for a price that is truly affordable. 

We take our role in your health very seriously, and always consider it our duty to support you with low cost generic Viagra® and Cialis® that is at the most effective dosage.

Why switch to generic Viagra® and Cialis® ?

MediSuite provides prescribed patients with generic FDA approved medications with the same active ingredients as Viagra® and Cialis® at a much lower cost than would normally be paid. Compare prices: other pharmacies usually will charge $40-$50 for a single dose of Viagra® and Cialis®. For example, we provide Sildenafil 100mg, the generic of Viagra®, at $3 per dose.


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The MediSuite Advantage

As a mail-order pharmacy, we can provide our customers with the convenience of affordable generic Viagra® and Cialis® delivered directly to their door. No need to leave the house at all. Everything can be done here on our website or over the phone. For a Telemedicine appointment to get a prescription, go to medisuite.com/book


MediSuite’s expertise in men’s wellness medication enables us to provide valuable insight to patients and physicians alike. We’re here to be a resource for information and fast, easy refills for an inexpensive generic to Viagra® and Cialis®— the most useful tools for men when it comes to taking control of your personal health.


We make it easy to submit your prescription and receive your supply of  Viagra® and Cialis® at home, quickly and discretely. Contact us by:

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The well-being of our patients is always our number one priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to speak with a MediSuite professional with any questions you may have for us.



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Frank, 65

I started taking Viagra® five years ago and experienced great results. After years of overspending on medication, I heard about Medisuite Pharmacy and decided to give it a try. I’ve experienced no drop off whatsoever in performance. My wife and I are happier than ever, thanks to sildenafil and all the money we’ve saved.

Keith, 52

After several unsuccessful ED treatments, I was reluctant to once again try a new drug. I soon found Medisuite offered exactly what I was looking for. Never have I experienced such quick results. I no longer feel held back by my age or erectile dysfunction and my marriage is better than ever!