Cost Comparison

Compare the Prices of Sildenafil and Tadalafil – Generic Viagra and Cialis

A driving motivator behind everything we do at MediSuite is to present every drug we offer, including sildenafil, at a price that compares aggressively to everything else on the market. The following cost comparison table provides clear evidence of the price savings you will experience by sending your prescription to MediSuite today.

After considering MediSuite’s cost comparisons, as well as how much money you would like left in your wallet, give us a call at (919) 200-6952 or toll-free at 1(800) 601-0691 to get started. You can also complete a brief contact form or use the chatbox in the lower right-hand corner to get in touch with us today.


MedicationBrand Price Price per pillMediSuite PricePrice per pill
Tadalafil (20mg)$300-$1,000 for 15 tablets of Cialis®~ $20-$70$100 for 30 tablets~ $3
Sildenafil (100mg)$400-$500 for 10 tablets of Viagra®~ $40-$50$100 for 30 tablets~ $3
Clomiphene (50mg)$440 for 30 tablets of Clomid®~ $15$48 for 30 tablets
~ $1.50
Tamsulosin (0.4mg)$650 for 90 capsules of Flomax®~ $7$45 for 100 tablets
~ 50¢
Finasteride (5mg)$440 for 90 tablets of Proscar®~ $5$40 for 90 tablets
~ 50¢