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For men seeking a more convenient, cost-effective solution to getting their prescriptions, MediSuite is the answer. Learn how to become a new patient today.


New to MediSuite? Here’s How to Get Started

New Patients

Submit Your Prescription

Have your doctor submit your prescription to MediSuite via eRx, or fax it to 919-200-6951.

Confirm Your Order

Once submitted, a member of our pharmacy team will call you to confirm your information, including payment, and process your order.

Ship Discreetly to Your Home

Skip the pharmacy lines! We’ll mail your medication to your preferred address within 1 business day of ordering. Delivery should be expected in 2-4 business days.


Call Us

To get your refill, simply call us at 919-200-6952 or 1-800-601-0691, and we’ll fulfill your order.

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Register Online

Create a MediSuite account online using the RX number listed on your prescription bottle. Then click the red Refill button on your dashboard. Registration is completely free!

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Submit a Payment Form

Fill out and submit our payment form. Our pharmacy will ship your medication within 1 business day of the request. If no refills remain on your prescription, we will contact your doctor to request more for you before processing.

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Start an Online Doctor Appointment for $19.99

Would you prefer to talk to a physician from the comfort of your home? Bypass the doctor’s office and get your prescription online by using our telemedicine service. Consultations are $19.99.

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Have Any Questions?

Check out our FAQ page, ask us online through chat or contact form, or give us a call (919-200-6952) if you have any questions or concerns at all.

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