Sildenafil – Active Ingredient in Viagra®

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What is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra®, is the generic version of this popular medication used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), and other various conditions. It is 1 of the 4 major medications known as “PDE-5 Inhibitors” along with Tadalafil, that is predominately used to treat ED.

Using Sildenafil can also improve overall health by improving the ability to exercise, and slowing down any negative changes to your physical condition by increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Men who wish to try Sildenafil need to talk to their doctor first to make sure it’s right for their lifestyle and does not interfere with any of their current prescriptions, resulting in unwanted side effects.

Do NOT use Sildenafil along with any of the following:

– Nitrate medicines that treat chest pain

– Nitroglycerin in any form

– Isosorbide mononitrate and dinitrate

– Other blood pressure medications

How Does Sildenafil Work?

Sildenafil ultimately works by increasing blood flow (decreasing your blood pressure) to the genitals, making it easier to achieve and maintain an erection firm enough for sex.

However, most people are unaware of the details of how Viagra/Sildenafil works. This medication does not automatically cause an erection. The user will need to be sexually aroused in order for Sildenafil to function properly. Sildenafil works by blocking an enzyme (PDE-5) in your body from decomposing a compound called cGMP. The accumulation of cGMP is what relaxes the smooth muscles that are found in the blood vessels of the penis. This relaxation allows blood to flow in more easily, resulting in an erection.

Sildenafil should begin working within 30-60 minutes of ingesting and can remain active in the body for up to 4-6 hours. It is best taken on an empty stomach or only after a small, low-fat meal. This allows the body to absorb the Sildenafil more quickly so that the full activation time and effects can be utilized. If you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, please contact your doctor right away.

Our Price Offers


180 tablets – $150

90 tablets – $95

45 tablets – $60


60 tablets – $170

30 tablets – $95

15 tablets – $70


60 tablets – $175

30 tablets – $100

15 tablets – $75

Why Choose MediSuite to Get Your Sildenafil Medication?

Expanded Choices

At our pharmacy, we’re happy to offer Sildenafil in increments of 20mg, 50mg, or 100mg, each with various price options, so that you can get the dosage you need at the price you choose.

Cost-Saving Prices

Sildenafil is just as effective as Viagra — but not as costly, especially when you use MediSuite! All our prices for Sildenafil are between $1-3 per pill. Viagra can run as high as $40-60 for a single pill.

Convenient Access

No need drive down to the local pharmacy and wait in line to pick up your medication. We send your medication straight to you! We also offer an online telemedicine option for those who wish to get a prescription without leaving their home.

Quick and Easy Process

Getting your prescriptions through MediSuite is a simple three-step process, beginning with your doctor submitting your prescription to us and ending with our team shipping your medication straight to your door.

Fast, Discreet Delivery

With free-standard shipping, you’ll get your medication delivered to your preferred address in 2-4 business days, meaning you can bypass the pharmacy and get back to regaining your health faster.

Experience Better Health Now
Although experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction becomes more common as men age, that doesn’t mean they have to live with it.

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