Abiraterone – Generic Alterative to Zytiga®

A More Affordable Option For Prostate Cancer Medication

Generic Zytiga (Abiraterone) Available Now

About Abiraterone

Abiraterone 250mg (generic Zytiga) is a daily hormone therapy drug used along with prednisone to treat prostate cancer. It works by intercepting the body’s testosterone production, which will slow the spread of the prostate cancer to other parts of the body.


A few important facts to know before taking:

  Women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should NOT touch the tablets of this drug without wearing gloves. This medicine can harm unborn children or even cause miscarriages.

  Do not take this drug with food.

  Take with a glass of water. Swallow whole. Do not chew, break, or crush.

  If you miss a dose, take your normal prescribed dose the following day. Do not take 2 doses. If you miss more than 1 dose, contact you doctor immediately.

  Wear a condom if you are having sex while taking this drug, and also for some time after your last dose.

—  Abiraterone can cause multiple symptoms that can be dangerous. These symptoms can include (but are not limited to) high blood pressure, dizziness, headaches, irregular heartbeats, confusion, upset stomach, and muscle weakness/pain. Tell your doctor right away if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Our Price Offer

MediSuite is now offering Abiraterone 250mg, the generic equivalent for Zytiga, at a one-month supply for only $250.

By buying generic medications directly from manufacturers, we are able to maintain affordable prices. Physicians prescribing with MediSuite can provide this comparison to patients:

MediSuite Other Pharmacies
Abiraterone 250mg: 120 tablets Zytiga 250mg: 120 tablets
$250 $5,000-$12,000

This medication will be shipped FedEx 2-Day at no charge, or FedEx overnight for an additional cost. See the steps below for the process of how patients will get their Abiraterone prescription filled at MediSuite.

Generic Zytiga (Abiraterone) Available Now

Doctors treating patients for prostate cancer should consider using MediSuite’s process to fill Abiraterone for their patients:

1) Provider eScribes or faxes prescription to MediSuite at 919-200-6951. MediSuite is on all EMR’s eRx systems. To get the reduced pricing of Abiraterone for patients, the provider must simply note “financial hardship” on the Rx, and the patient is automatically eligible for the $600 price.

2) Once the Rx is received, a MediSuite pharmacist will call the patient to review the order and schedule home delivery.

3) Abiraterone is shipped to the patient’s address via FedEx 2-day at no extra cost within a business day of ordering.


*Note: MediSuite operates with set cash prices on our medications. No insurance is accepted. We can provide a receipt for insurance reimbursement for credit towards a deductible.


For any additional questions about Abiraterone or our men’s health prescriptions, contact us today by filling out this brief contact form.

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