The Convenience of Telemedicine for Stay-at-Home Care

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Whether it’s due to the current COVID-19, a lack of time, or any other reason, sometimes it can be really tough to make it to the doctor’s office. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. There’s another avenue to receive your men’s health prescriptions. Telemedicine, or online doctor visits, lets you get the medical care you need, wherever you are. Here’s a look at how this stay-at-home option from MediSuite works.

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What Exactly is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to any one-on-one online communication between a patient and their doctor. In most cases, these visits are done via questionnaire submission or video conferencing. MediSuite’s online telemedicine visits are done through a questionnaire on our website that are responded to by real doctors and do not require an appointment.

How Does It Work?

Telemedicine consultations eliminate check-in processes and the waiting many patients experience at a doctor’s office. In fact, online doctor visits can be done entirely from the comfort of home in three easy steps:

  1. Visit MediSuite’s homepage and click on “Start Online Visit” to begin a consultation. Then answer questions about your condition, including symptoms, and answer any pertinent questions.
  2. A doctor will review the consultation, determine treatment, and send the appropriate prescription to MediSuite within 2 hours.
  3. MediSuite takes over and ships the medication that same day to be delivered to your preferred address within 3-4 business days.

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How Does the Price Differ?

Telemedicine consultations for erectile dysfunction treatment start at $19.99, and insurance is not required. The fee covers the medical consultation only, but MediSuite offers medication at a fraction of the cost of a typical pharmacy.

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Why Choose Telemedicine?

Online doctor visits are not meant to replace traditional appointments with physicians. In some situations, visiting a doctor in-person may be a better solution. However, telemedicine appointments are good options if:

  • You don’t have reliable transportation.
  • Your daily schedule is not flexible.
  • You’re sick or are concerned about getting sick.
  • You prefer a more convenient option.

If you can’t make it the doctor or pharmacy, there’s no need to be anxious about treating ED or other men’s health concerns. The convenience of telemedicine makes it easy to get the proper medication while staying home.

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