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The MediSuite process comes with a variety of advantages for physicians – from time savings to convenience, to providing ways for physicians to help patients receive affordable treatment options.  Below are commonly asked questions about our prescription process and helpful answers to know about.

What types of medications do you offer?

At MediSuite, we offer generic equivalents for a variety of medications, including Viagra, Flomax, Proscar, Propecia, Clomid, Avodart, Crestor, Cialis, and more.

How does your process save physicians time?

When working with MediSuite, physicians only need to eScribe or fax their patients’ prescriptions to our team — and we handle the rest!

How is MediSuite able to offer better prices?

We cut out the middleman and buy generic medicines directly from top manufacturers. That means we can pass on the savings to your patients.

Why is helping patients save money on ED treatment important for physicians?

Medications prescribed by physicians are effective at treating most cases of ED. However, the cost is a crucial factor for patients when deciding if they can fill their prescriptions or not.

Reports and Insights

White Paper: Affordable Solutions for ED Medications

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Why the MediSuite Process Works? 

Find out the benefits physicians can experience when switching to the MediSuite process.